American Chopper “Biker Build-Off Part 2″ Aired Live Dec, 6 2011

On this special LIVE laser show episode in 3D featuring special musical guest Bush. . .Sr. shows off a post apocalyptic vision of the future, Jr. presents an airplane with no wings, and self-proclaimed outlaw with no confirmed ties to the infamous criminal of the same name displays an old school, polished stainless steel red rocket chopper.

Sr. enters with his Mad Max “machine”, and immediately I’m praying he doesn’t spin out and torch the crowd. The compliment of the night comes when Sr. is prodded into saying “Jr.’s bike is good too”. Jr. is the clear winner but still doesn’t get any respect from his father or Jesse for that matter.

Up next is Jesse “Trash Talk” James. What makes your bike special? You wouldn’t understand.

Then there is Jr.’s bike. Part airplane, part bike. The crowd should thank Jr. for not using the smoke during his entrance. Thirty inch wheels with wood inlays that look like propellers, 2000 rivets, aluminum sheet metal trimmed in copper, and a one gallon gas tank for a 20 mile range (more on that in a minute). My only critique is why is the seat not in the shape of his logo? It seems like a natural fit. Also shouldn’t the handlebars be wings?

Now everybody knows that theme bikes are probably the opposite of choppers, but they must be heavier than I thought to get only 20 mpg, especially riding on 30″ wheels. In this DESIGN competition, of course, the bikes are pieces of art that can be ridden but aren’t really meant to be. They are mostly for show, but I think Jesse wants a street race to determine the winner. Hey, Jesse, do a biker build off with Erik Buell and prove it on the track.

For a second episode in a row, Vinnie shows a lot of character and class. The work does speak for itself. You have to respect Jr. for bringing his crew out to Vegas and acknowledging the team effort. So much more is possible when you don’t try to do it all yourself. When will Rick reunite with Jr. and Vinnie? When will Mickey stop throwing paint at a canvas and start painting tins for motorcycles?

Later, Jr. and Sr. sit down for nationally televised group therapy. The crowd is completely silent for a change. Paul is right that even though it was painful, the termination was the best thing that’s ever happened to him. He’s no longer in his dad’s shadow and can be his own man.

It was touching when Jr. told his dad “I love you” and gave him a big man hug. Awwww they do love each other. Maybe there’s hope for them after all. Well darn, I guess that means it’s the end of the series. It was just getting good again too.

Jesse James then enters with a stool he made himself by hand from iron-ore with a hammer and heat from his forge to continue to taunt and disrespect his completion. Jesse tells Jr. that he’s not a real bike builder, but I’m pretty sure I saw an airplane driving down Las Vegas Blvd. in the intro. And Jr. did win the judges decision (split).

On to the fan winner. I felt a little bad for the boos for Sr.’s “bike”, and no surprise it came in 3rd place. It was a wild machine and was definitely different. Nice try Jason Pohl.

So, the experts score 2 for Paul Jr. and 1 vote for Jesse James. Congratulations to Paul Jr. – voted best bike builder by the experts and the fans. Will that shut up Jesse “Trash Talk” James? I don’t know, but I see good things for both of them in the future.