American Chopper Feb. 13, 2012 “Season 3 Premiere”

This week on American Chopper Donald Trump orders up a custom motorcycle. . . no, for real!

The next build is the Donald Trump Chopper.  Let construction of the 24 carat solid gold bike begin! Okay, to build a 700 pound motorcycle with gold trading at about $1,700 per ounce works out to a budget of around $19 million dollars. . .that will look great in his NYC penthouse apartment (Tower Heist anyone?).

I’m thinking the bike also needs a giant blonde mane flowing down the gas tank. So, the Donald likes length huh?  Imagine that. I suspect somebody’s compensating.  Donald also likes the concept of gold.  You don’t say.  Maybe parking that bike in the lobby of your Atlantic City Casino will bring in customers and can be used as collateral in your next bankruptcy filing.  Sorry, Donald, but as you say, it’s not personal it’s business.

But before all of that Senior takes a moment to think about some of the things he felt following the live unveil.  ”Paulie built a nice bike I thought.  Nice workmanship but the only thing I didn’t like is that it had no line to it.  If you take away all the workmanship I didn’t really like Paulie’s bike.  But I really liked Jessie’s bike because of the workmanship.”  Really, Senior?  It took you awhile to think of that?  I guess workmanship is an art except when it’s made by your own son.

Meanwhile Jr. celebrates in his shop (after much celebrating in Vegas) and then immediately starts building a bike for a client in Poland for Paul Jr.’s first international client.  In all seriousness for a minute. . . Yes, this is exactly what American manufacturing needs, MORE EXPORTS!!! America needs to be a nation that makes something again.  We need more of this.  I support buying American, and if you’re a patriotic American like me then you should too.

Meanwhile, back at Trump Tower, Senior meets with the Donald and complains about his son. “He took my manager after I fired my manager. . .”  Well maybe, just maybe, you shouldn’t have fired him in the first place?  I’m just sayin’.  To which Donald replies, “I watch the show.  I respect the son.” Then later, “Don’t leave him anything.  Don’t leave him 10 cents.” ~Donald Trump.  Wow, with Donald Jr. standing right there, too.  Hey, Donald, how did you become so successful again?  Oh, that’s right, your father gave you everything too.

Donald Trump then asks Jason to redesign the logo on Trump helicopter, so Jason draws up a snowmobile.

Vince brings his 2 year old son into the shop, and he is adorable.  I hope my son will enjoy motorcycles like his old man.  That might be awhile, so I hope my brothers will get their own bikes so they can go riding with me this season to fill the gap!

“To many more years to come.  Long nights do pay off.  Don’t do drugs.  And get back to work!”