American Chopper Feb. 27 “Operation Reconciliation”

This week on American Chopper OCC builds an American eagle out of aluminum, Jr. finishes the One Call Concepts bike, and Mikey donates some of his weight to a four-year-old with leukemia.

The show starts when OCC gets commissioned by Wall Side Windows to build a bike for Veterans Airlift Command (VAC) in honor of our nations' wounded veterans. If you were wondering, the VAC provides free air transportation to wounded veterans and their families for medical and other compassionate purposes.

Inspired by the theme of flying, Jason draws up a screaming eagle complete with a headlight recessed inside an open beak and realistic 3-D talons running down the forks. After cutting the talons out of a 3-inch-thick billet of aluminum at 30 pounds each, Jim "engineered" them on the CNC mill down to only 12. That's still hefty for a motorcycle, and this would never work in mass production where these parts would be cast instead.

Speaking of pounds Mikey is losing weight to raise money for a four-year-old with leukemia named Will. Also participating with Mikey is the Mayor of Montgomery, Steve Brescia, who was dressed in his finest Under Armour for his TV appearance. Mikey and Steve top the scales at 350 lbs. and 222 lbs. respectively. Personally, I'd like to see them wrestle since they're both super heavyweights.

Meanwhile Jr. is back in his shop finishing up the One Call Concepts bike and eating chocolate donuts. Apparently he won't be joining his brother in losing weight for charity. The finished bike is super low, and even Mini-Me, Verne Troyer, probably wouldn't have trouble throwing his leg over the seat. I like the 811 racing theme especially with the start of NASCAR this week and the Daytona 500. And Daytona Bike Week is coming up soon too. All the digging tools cleaned up nicely once painted and chromed. I almost didn't recognize them from a distance.

At the OCC VAC unveil, the bike is bathed a Las Vegas-style light that even makes Sr.'s mustache glow blue. The bike looks cool, but I think the proportions on the eagle talons are off just a bit. An impromptu auction starts, but the auctioneer decides that there wasn't enough money in the room, and he was going to buy it to donate back to the VAC to be used as a marketing tool at VA hospitals, etc.

And finally, during yet another attempt by Sr. to patch up his troubled relationship with the sons he pushed away, he invites Mikey over to his house to paint eagles with some of the Veterans but doesn't even get a call back. During Mikey's weekly therapy session with Vinnie, he talks it over and decides he should take things slowly and spread this drama out over at least three more seasons. Sr. tries to understand why he doesn't even get a callback while "Hello" by Lionel Richie plays in the background. Sr. even contemplates just knocking on their door and walking in, which luckily he doesn't do because in my neighborhood that would get you shot or arrested for home invasion.