American Chopper March 5 "Rick's News"

This week on American Chopper OCC builds a bike for someone who will actually ride it, Jr. rebuilds the Black Widow bike from 10 years ago, and Mikey joins the Marines.

Fans of the show might remember the Black Widow bike from Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2, that originally aired Spring 2003. That’s back when Paul Sr. was still wearing sleeves. Wow, has it been 10 years already? Everybody looked so young then. Well, Cody still looks pretty young.

The big change is Jr. wants his new logo on the bike and OCC’s name off. Did anyone else think it was a little silly Nub called the original artist, Shane, before repainting the logo? What was Nub going to do if Shane said no? Sorry, Nub, but it’s Jr.’s bike, and he’s the one paying you. I hope Nub took a picture with his iPhone and sent it to him for posterity. The way this bike seems to have deteriorated, a photo might last longer anyway. I want to know how this bike got so abused sitting in the OCC Museum? Did they ride it hard and put it away wet? Well, anyway the parts they don’t reuse will make great wall decoration.

So, Rick’s big news is he’s getting married, and he wants everyone to come. He even wants everybody all at one big table like the Last Supper. I wonder what Rick’s fiancee thinks about this. News flash, Rick, these people don’t get along and with all the drinking that’s sure to happen things could escalate quickly. It’s important to remember this day isn’t about you. It’s about the girl in the white dress. Just show up on time to where you’re supposed to be and smile for the cameras. I love you honey :-)

Later, Mikey goes on the radio to talk about losing weight for charity. I think he could drop a couple pounds just by shaving. Turns out Mikey is getting a personal motivator/trainer, and it’s Captain Carlos Slim. (Not to be confused with the Mexican billionaire and richest man in the world Carlos Slim.) Captain Carlos is a retired Marine Corps. officer and runs Mikey around his back yard like he’s playing with a puppy.

Meanwhile Rick and Vinnie meet for burgers, while Mikey is probably crying at home with his celery sticks. Why isn’t everybody on this show trying to loose weight!? I watched this show while running 3 miles on a treadmill, and it was great motivation!

Back at OCC, work begins on an old school bobber for John Christner Trucking, and I’m wondering where they learned how to heat treat metal. Not very scientific. Heat it up, quench, and then hit it with a hammer. They’re doing it old school, and it really is starting to look like something they made in their garage. But as Rick says, this will be a "ride-able bike."

Carlos and Mikey go to the gym in a scene that looks less like a bike show and more like The Biggest Loser. Carlos gives a speech about how much pain Mikey is in. I'm thinking he should probably stop lifting at that point or before he hurts something.

Jr. finishes the Black Widow bike restoration and does a re-unveil at the Javits Center in NYC for the 10 year anniversary. The bike looks great, and while fielding questions from the audience, I thought he was very humble. Look out, Jr., because Sr. is learning from The Donald on Celebrity Apprentice. I wanted Jr. to say he’d be back to OCC for the rest of the bikes when he runs them out of business and takes over one day, but then there wouldn’t be a show.