American Chopper May 7 “Malaysian Adventure”

This week on American Chopper Sr. gets a little too comfortable wearing the local fashions of Malaysia, Jr. stays home and has a serious chat with Mikey and Jason decides that “alligators are punks.”

The episode begins with about five minutes of final assembly on the One Malaysia Bike complete with an air intake shaped like the Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur. The white framed chopper that OCC began building last week for the Malaysia Tourism Board is decked out in the yellow, blue and red of the Malaysian flag.

Sr. rubs it in to the employees’ who won’t be joining him on the OCC trip to Malaysia to deliver the bike to the Malaysian Prime Minister. He then hops on the completed bike for the standard pre-delivery test ride. Sr. has to reach for the handle bars, which makes me doubt they took into account that the Malaysian Prime Minister is only about 5’2’’.

Meanwhile Mikey visits Paul Jr. to discuss the news he dropped on last week’s episode. He’s decided that he’s maybe, possibly, considering, thinking about quitting the show. Though his plans are always qualified by “If I do”’s and “I’m thinking about”’s, he still seems convinced that his life would be better out of the spotlight. His main rationale being that the cameras are coming between his and his father’s reconciliation. I don’t know, but I think the text Mikey sent saying “You lie, stay away from me” a few weeks ago is more of an obstacle than the show. But what do I know.

Jr. is supportive and has a very different reaction from Sr. last week, who brought up the fact that turning down a TV show is turning down a lot of money. I’m not sure how much each Teutul is paid per episode for starring on American Chopper, but I imagine it’s more than Mikey will make selling pasta sauce and painting with finger paints in his art studio. I guess in a way it’s admirable. In this age of everyone and their Kardashian sister trying to get a reality TV show, somebody is actually willing to turn it down.

The next scene we are whisked to the other side of the planet to Langkawi Island, Malaysia, where interestingly we are reminded of all the perks of being on a TV show. The trip took Sr. and crew more than 30 hours, but that does little to dampen the look of childlike delight on Jason’s face as he spots his first wild monkey. If you need a trigger word for your drinking game of this episode, it should be “monkeys” because the OCC guys yell it out every few minutes for the rest of their trip.

After some rest, the crew is issued scooters and forms their own scooter gang in the Malaysian jungle. It’s “Devils Ride Malaysia Edition” (more on Discovery’s new biker show in a minute). The Tourism Board planned a series of adventures including hiking up to a mountain waterfall and swimming in the waterfall pools, a boat ride through a mangrove forest, feeding stingrays and putting horseshoe crabs on their heads. This episode we also learn something new about Sr. He’s afraid of bats, and almost refuses to walk through the bat cave. Guess there won’t be any Batman inspired choppers in OCC’s future.

They ride a cable car to the top of a mountain, and Jason attempts to write his name on a bench, only to prove he’s not smarter than a kindergartener, when he spells his first name wrong.

Finally it’s time to head to the city of Kuala Lumpur to deliver the bike. While exploring the city, the guys shop for gifts for their wives and girlfriends, and Sr. inexplicably tries on a flowery purple dress. More disturbing than funny, I can only guess he’s trying to pick up some of the slack for the lack of Mikey antics this episode.

They take a ride up to the sky bridge of the Petronas Towers, formerly the world’s tallest buildings before 2004. They do a press junket with some eager reporters and finish the day delivering the bike to cheering crowds. Not a bad week of work.

This episode also featured an extended trailer for Discovery Channel’s new biker show “Devils Ride” premiering tonight. The scenes of revving engines, bar fights and brotherhood has us more than a little interested to see what kind of staying power this show will have.