April 2013

Biker Social Media Taking Off: Reviews of Top Biker Social Networks

Biker Social Networks

In only the last two years, thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts have joined biker social media sites in droves. No longer stuck dealing with the masses on Facebook or Twitter, bikers have their own online community, or rather a whole bunch of online communities to choose from.

There are plenty of reasons this is a good idea. It gets bikers together to share experiences, knowledge and tips, and bonus, there are almost never pictures of people’s cats. What’s not to like? And honestly we can’t always be riding with our biker pals. Sometimes a biker social network is the next best thing.

But why now?

Why are biker social networks suddenly so popular? We see four likely trends converging to create this situation.

1. First, people are buying motorcycles again. The recession is over and people have money not only for bikes but to plan trips, make repairs and more. Even CNN Money agrees:  Hog Wild: Harley-Davidson sales are rolling again.
With more people investing in the lifestyle, there is naturally going to be more interest online. People want answers to questions about what bike to get, how to fix that scratch on the fender, where the best rides in North Carolina are, you name it. And then there is just the desire to talk to others who share their passion.