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Can’t Wait for the Spring Riding Season? - Warm Things Up with Heated Motorcycle Gear

It’s cold out, but so what? If there’s no snow or ice on the ground then riding in temperatures in the 40s can be its own kind of thrill. Just be sure you have the right gear for the job. The first step you’ll want to take is making sure your motorcycle is equipped with heated handgrips. When your hands are sticking out in front of you taking the full force of the wind, they will feel like they are experiencing temperatures as much as 20 degrees colder than what it reads on the thermometer. Besides being unpleasant, this can also be dangerous if it causes your hands to lose dexterity and control of the throttle. Heating elements work best when they are built into the grips themselves. Along the same line, heated seats can be a good way to make sliding onto a chilly bike a bit more bearable. Look for seats that are designed for your bike’s make and model for the most comfortable fit.


Choosing a Motorcycle Jacket: Why Motorcycle Leather is Different from Fashion Leather

Leather jackets are instantly associated with motorcycle riding, and it's not hard to figure out why. Not only do they keep your skin from scraping against the pavement when you have an accident, but they also have the ability to make almost anyone instantly cooler. Check out this kid, if you don't believe me.

Cool Kid in Motorcycle Jacket

But not all leather jackets are created equal. A true motorcycle jacket is a purpose-built piece of equipment, so for those new to riding or for those who what to see if their current jacket is tough enough for the job, read on for an overview of optimum jacket design. (Important note: they don't necessarily have to be made of leather.)

 Don't Wear This

The wrong jacket for a motorcycle

 It may be tempting to grab any leather jacket from your closet, but a fashion leather jacket simply wasn't built for the road. The leather on a regular jacket is thinner and won't hold up properly against abrasion in an accident. It is also likely to be open at the neck, sleeves and waist, allowing wind to rush in and make for a chilly ride, not to mention the puffed up appearance you're likely to have. 

Keeping Out the Wind 

How to Decide on the Best Motorcycle Helmet for You

Motorcycle helmets are a top controversial topic among riders. Some see them as life savers while others see them as hindering their experience of the open road. Depending on what state you ride in (or will be riding through), wearing a helmet may be less of a choice and more of a legal requirement.

Half Helmet with Skull Flame Design

Half Helmet with Skull Flame Design

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