American Chopper September 4 "The Build is On"

On this episode of American Chopper, Rick ties the knot, Jr. rocks a faux hawk and Sr. drives a dump truck through the wall to make room for his new restaurant. But perhaps the biggest surprise of the episode came before the show even got started. We are no longer watching “American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior” - According to the opening credits and my DVR, it’s just “American Chopper” again. Does this mean we’re still watching Season 4, or is this Season 7 of the old “American Chopper”, or should we just simplify things and call it Season 10?

Whatever season this is, there was plenty going on. It starts out with Sr. still pushing for a joint project between OCC and PJD for charity. Jr. (probably correctly) sees this as a recipe for trouble given that the two are still not able to have a conversation without breaking into an argument. Even though Jr. seems pretty firm about his decision, it’s hard to ignore the dramatic irony in an episode titled “The Build is On.” My guess is we haven’t heard the last on this topic.

Regardless, OCC isn’t waiting around. They are busy building a bike for themselves to promote their new OCC cafe, with plans to open up three such theme cafes. At first the concept seemed a little random. But after some thought, I realized the idea is a riff on the Hard Rock Cafe only they will have choppers on display instead of music memorabilia. Could be fun and definitely better than keeping all their bikes in a warehouse collecting dust.

PJD gets back to its roots doing another bike for their first customer, GEICO. Instead of a gecko theme, however, this motorcycle is to promote GEICO’s military department. Mike Baker, director of the Military Marketing Department for GEICO dubs it the Armed Forces Tribute Bike. I would like to point out that unlike a lot of the companies that PJD and OCC build motorcycles for, a bike for GEICO actually makes a bit of sense because they sell motorcycle insurance. It makes a bit more sense than, for example, the My Pillow bike last season. (Although, My Pillow must be doing well after American Chopper because I can’t turn on the TV without seeing their infomercial lately.)

The GEICO marketing team does their usual debrief on what the bike’s design should communicate once complete. They want it to say “honor” and “sacrifice” to those who see it. Well, Jr. took that quite literally. The design has “HONOR” in comic-book style letters right across the gas tank. I’m not sure if that’s quite what the marketing guys were asking for, but I guess they can’t complain.

Now be honest, who wasn’t expecting a bit more drama at Rick’s wedding. He had a ceremony at the Mountain Springs Lake Resort in Reeders, Pennsylvania and invited everyone from OCC and PJD to join. I didn’t think Sr. and Jr. would be yelling and throwing chairs at the reception or anything, but I was surprised that those two were able to exchange a little polite small talk and keep it at that. Maybe Sr. vs. Jr. really is at an end.

In the absence of chair throwing, I had to entertain myself by admiring the full sleeve and collar tattoos on Rick’s new wife, Brittany Petko.

And as expected, before the episode’s end, Jr. rode his Nike swoosh flat black Camaro over to his dad’s house and said that he changed his mind and would like to try restoring a bike together.